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Current information for students on the effects of the coronavirus (Department of Mathematics - Status 24.04.2020)

Until 16.05.2020, NO written exams will be held. You can find more information on the HA 4 website:

In particular, we can reassure you: there will be no short-term rescheduling, deadlines will be extended as described on the linked page.

On the basis of the information sent by Rundmail on 18.03.2020 regarding the transition of the TUK to minimum operation and the update from  03.04.2020, all oral examinations originally scheduled for the period 19.03.2020 - 30.04.2020 are cancelled.

Furthermore, the arrangement of new dates for oral examinations in the examination period of winter semester 2019/2020 has been stopped in the examination administration system Mathematics (PVS).

According to the decision of 23.04.2020, oral exams can in principle take place again from 04.05.2020, but only if strict protection and hygiene measures are observed.

In the period from 04.05.2020 to 15.05.2020 (according to the examination regulations this period still belongs to WS 2019/2020), only those (oral) examinations are rescheduled for which a particularly justified urgency has been established, as well as the remaining oral supplementary examinations to the written exams of WS 2019/2020.

For the period after 18.05.2020, the following applies: according to the examination regulations, this period already belongs to the SS 2020. Hence, arrangements of new dates for oral examinations for students of the study programmes (B.Sc., M.Sc.) of the Department of Mathematics mathematics can only be made if the students have already (pre)registered for the examination period of the SS 2020. Therefore, in the examination administration system Mathematics (PVS) the (pre)registration for oral exams in the examination period of the SS 2020 is possible from Monday 27.04.2020. For students of these programmes, the usual (exception) rules apply to the taking of examinations during the lecture period.

From 19.03.2020, public access will be largely restricted (to the absolutely necessary minimum!). If you have any questions about the study programme, please contact the persons in charge by e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding examination regulations, please contact the Examinations Office Mathematics (Mail: dekanat(at)

At this point in time it is still unclear whether and to what extent events with presence (lectures, exercises, tutorials, seminars, examinations) can take place in SS 2020.

In view of the dynamic development, we are preparing for the situation that large parts of the summer semester cannot take place as usual. All teachers are encouraged to think about the possibility of conducting the courses as e-learning and to prepare appropriate materials (script, exercises).

In the case of events with presence, which can be held in a compact form (seminars, reading courses, advanced lectures in the Master's programme), a postponement to the second half of the semester may be possible.

We will use the week from 14.04. to 17.04.2020 to provide our students with the necessary information about the digital courses, to give an introduction to the necessary electronic tools and, if necessary, to provide materials for acquiring missing previous knowledge. The aim should be that all students are ready to start on 20.04.2020, in order to then continue with the full range of courses in digital form (in all probability).

We offer an overview of the modified course programme on our Information Page on Teaching in SS 2020.

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