Department of Mathematics

Optimization Group provides tool for optimal class division in the Corona pandemic

Simulation studies have shown that one can significantly reduce the risk of infection in schools by using so-called cohort strategies, i.e. dividing classes into smaller groups that are taught separately. However, splitting is not a simple problem, as numerous requirements (sizes of cohorts, division of cross-class courses, etc.) have to be taken into account.

The Optimization Group has developed a freely available open-source tool that helps to calculate the division of whole year groups or schools including cross-class courses. If necessary, the tool can also take into account more complex dependencies (groups to be separated in no case, such as sibling pairs, groups to be separated in any case, etc.).

The tool is available at for Windows, MacOS and Linux and can be used "standalone" on a school computer. Currently, a test run is running for two schools in Kaiserslautern (St. Franziskus Gymnasium und Realschule, Hohenstaufen-Gymnasium).

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